Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life in the Mountains

I love it here. I am so happy to have taken the leap that I did. The transition from tropical climate to a high altitude, dry climate was an interesting adjustment, but I'm getting used to it. Living here has been everything I hoped it would be, and it's only getting better! Enya and I landed in Boulder June of last year - it was a difficult land. A few rocky roommates in the beginning and unsettled housing, but after a couple months we found our sweet roommates Angelie and Petra, and finally began to feel more settled in Boulder. I didn't really start painting much until the spring. Then in May/June my paintings were featured at Creative Framing Art Gallery in Louisville. Then I met a wonderful man who owns a couple beautiful wineries, (Mile High Winery in Denver CO and Winter Park Winery in Fraser, CO) and together we are joining forces to create something even more spectacular! We are registering both wineries as galleries, featuring my work!! I will also teach 4 art classes per month - the "Paint 'n Sip" style class, and traditional painting color theory class. I am so excited to feel like I have a base for my art. A place where I can build it and bring in a following. It's a dream come true, in more than one way :) In addition to painting and teaching classes I will contribute to the winery by doing graphic work, maintaining the website and organizing events at the wineries. For example, we will be hosting formal dinners pared with wine,  showcasing musicians, and I will also teach yoga classes. It will be a beautiful social stop and hopefully a regular place for the community to gather.
I am more than excited every waking moment (and probably while I'm dreaming as well!) to be a part of this, and to have such a sweet wonderful person by my side to bring our vision to a reality. It couldn't be a better fit. I am so happy……….thank you thank you thank you GOD.